Accessories For Your Climbing Gym



The company started out in Bulgaria in 2016 and since then has continued to provide high quality products with the best possible ecological consciousness and commitment.
From the content to the packaging, everything is designed to be in the best possible balance for our skin and nature.

Nature Climbing

Have you heard of nature climbing’s STONE HANGER? It’s the perfect tool for training your fingers or warming up. It features two 10mm wooden crimp (1 incut and 1 vertical) and a 23mm granite or sandstone crimp, perfect for preparing your skin for the outside. It also comes with a wide pinch (11cm) and a small pinch (6cm). Made from laser-cut maple wood with a solid walnut inlay. Nature climbing makes them themselves in Denmark, to guarantee top-quality craftsmanship. Available from 63 CHF.

Baume du T-Rex

This multi-purpose cream is perfect for use after painful sessions. Whether your hands are dry, micro-abraded, taut from magnesia or simply tired, Baume du T-Rex is the perfect formula to help restore the protection your hands need. With no greasy feel, the oils are quickly absorbed and the beeswax is gently applied to help build the hydrolipidic barrier your skin needs to resist microaggressions. All Baume du T-Rex ingredients are 100% organic. It contains no mineral oils and is 100% natural.


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