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Pink Turtle

Hundreds of possibilities with assembled wood volume and many crazy shapes in dual texture fiberglass. All shaped in Paris by Matthieu Dutray and his team!


From art and sculpture passion to shaping giant dual texture macros with symbiosis and davinci families. Crazy work! Thanks Naniu Bakalov and all his team for their trust. We are happy to represent Vertex here in Switzerland.


The holds are developed with passion by Bartek Opiela, Wiola Imiolczyk and Martina.
Moreover, the team takes the subject of ecology to heart. They recycle over 40% of PU resin in their new holds.

AVA Volumes

AVA Volumes was created in 2020 by a group of designers, shapers, climbers and route setters.
Their passion for climbing, meticulous craftsmanship and particular attention to the development of their grip make these wooden volumes one of the best sellers on the market today.


From passion for movement to ecology, HoldingGrips (DE) is all about one thing.New apprehensions and special shapes will be delivered to your rooms with 0% plastic in the load.
As well as being part of a programme to save trees in Brazil, they also work locally to give new life to your old holds by repairing them and/or restoring them to their original grain.

Digital Climbing

Thanks to over 20 years’ experience in climbing and collaborations with the Mawem brothers, Chanourdie and many others, Digital Climbing Holds has been able to create a range of grips suitable for beginners and international athletes alike.
The company uses a new generation of PU containing over 50% renewable raw materials.


Conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Savoie, between lakes and mountains, Zem climbing holds were born of the following observation:
Most of the holds used in climbing gyms today are made from non-recyclable PE, PU and fibreglass.


We’re delighted to be able to count on Otsoa to add to our catalogue, which currently contains a large number of resins.
This Spanish-based company creates made-to-measure wooden sockets.
The quality is guaranteed thanks to 100% handmade work using wood from sustainable sources.
All these different grips will be perfect for a commercial room or your personal pan.


Grain from Fontainebleau arrives in Switzerland! We’re really proud to present Blozone and their magnificent “100% Bleausard” volumes.

Discover also the brand new wood variant with grain and/or smooth faces ! The choice is yours !

Secret Holds

Secret Holds come all the way from Warsaw (PL) and combine a passion for climbing, art and various engineering studies to develop the most suitable holds for opening boulders and routes.
By developing their own manufacturing recipe, their hybrid polyurethane is highly resistant to impact as well as being lighter. Their vision is based on longevity through the quality of their finished products.

Two ranges are available: Rock line and Gym line. The first tries to match the different curves of the rock and external grips as closely as possible, while the second focuses on the essential needs of a diversified climbing gym.


We’re delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with Anatomic for Switzerland. The Repčík brothers, who have been making climbing holds for over 20 years, stand out for the quality and variety of the models in their catalogue. With top-quality Pu, large fibreglass macros and wooden holds, they offer absolutely everything a climbing gym needs.


Made entirely in France by Baptiste Lamare. These volumes are available in various sizes (XS to XL) and finishes (full grain, dual, smooth and drowned). If you have a particular desire for your volumes, don’t hesitate to let us know. 180° can create made-to-measure projects for you. The company has taken part in a number of high-profile competitions, including the 2018 “Sportiva Legends” and, more frequently, the “Coupe de France”, and continues to evolve and improve over time. It even offers the possibility of flocking your own logos on the volumes.

Nature Climbing

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the Danish brand Nature Climbing. This company specialises in products for the climbing community. Ecology and sustainability are paramount to them. Their aim is to offer innovative products. Whether it’s stone holds, suspension holds or brushes, they’re always looking for the best quality, the most local wood possible, and the perfect shape. Their philosophy matches ours perfectly, and we’re proud to represent them in Switzerland.


We are very proud to support and work with Ino’Holds, which is at the forefront of innovation. They have created a new composite material, GreenMix, which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
This material is a sort of hybrid between PE and PU resin, with surprising properties. GreenMix is made from hemp fibre to make the material lighter and stronger. Thanks to recycled PET (1 bottle/1litre of GM) and bio-sourced materials, the proportion of non-recyclable materials in this mix is considerably reduced. All the raw materials are produced in France. As for the grip, Ino Holds has created 3x different textures using 3D printing. Ridges, Cracks and Summits are the new grip concepts with innovative designs.
Ino Holds in figures: 11% recycled materials, 25% natural materials, 40% lighter and 23% stronger than PE.

Evolution Holds

We’re proud of our collaboration with Evolution Holds. They use new production technology and are inspired by the world of insects to create their different lines. The dragonfly is one of the oldest insects on the planet. It has adapted to different habitats and environmental conditions for over 250 million years. This capacity for optimisation and progression inspired Evolution to develop their first Dragonfly.
These different grips are made from environmentally friendly polyurethane that contains up to 40% renewable raw materials and, what’s more, is certified as a carbon-neutral product. They are highly durable thanks to their resistance to abrasion and impact. Designed to create routes/boulders for beginners as well as experienced climbers, all their products are handmade in Karlsruhe, Germany.


We’re delighted to be able to count on Trickit. The company is based in Bulgaria. It is run by Vassil Kirov and Stefan Vepshek. Vassil is 4x Bulgarian national champion, and is currently coach of the same team, having developed several climbing sites in his country. Stefan is a graduate of the National Academy for Fine Arts in Sofia and has been working in sculpture and shaping for over 10 years. All these talents combined have made it possible to create climbing holds with different visuals and curves, while respecting the needs of commercial climbing gyms and various competitions.


Decoy holds was founded by Dan Ygamin, a New England based rock climber, route setter, and artist. Dan has been climbing for 27 years and has developed hundreds of routes and boulders near his home in Connecticut, and as far away as SouthEast Asia. No stranger to route setting, Dan has been route setting off and on for 25 years at various gyms around the USA. In addition to climbing Dan has been making art for his entire life, has had numerous published works, and holds an MFA in illustration from the University of Hartford.
Shaping is a great mixture of all the disciplines that Dan holds near to his heart, with the core being route setting, art, and climbing. As a brand Decoy’s goal is to share the love of these disciplines through the medium of climbing holds. In addition to shaping for Decoy, Dan has also shaped holds for brands such as Kilter, Pusher, and others.
Much of the holds that Decoy has in its families are directly influenced by the places which Dan has been able to go and climb. Many of the rock style families are directly informed by the nuance found in nature. For example the Schist line was greatly influenced by the glacial polished Schist found in Rumney, New Hampshire. The Sandstone is influenced by Castle Rock Ca, Font, and the South East USA. In addition to being influenced by rock styles Dan’s goal is to create functional holds that keep setting interesting and comfortable for setters that set on a daily basis in a commercial environment, as well as to create eye-catching macros that can shine in a competition.
Currently Decoy is based in a small town called Winsted, Connecticut. But the dream is to someday move it to the EU!

Hito Holds

It all began in early 2010 when hito holds built a bouldering gym in their village mountain club, so they could train and get ready for the rock. After spending hours and hours preparing the gym, it was time to place their orders for the holds. To follow up on this experience, they decided to start a new challenge. Hito began to make their own holds, several unsuccessful attempts, some botched jobs, but in the end a few models were kept. For years, the company worked tirelessly to improve their manufacturing methods, the techniques to be used in each piece of foam, in the different shapes and in each design that clearly reflected their passion for climbing. Hito are very aware of their customers’ needs, which is why quality is a benchmark in their products, always focusing on innovation and development, with their own polyurethane formulas and complete quality controls. Their aim is for you to enjoy climbing with their holds, just as they enjoy creating and designing the latest trends for you.

Espace Holds

This French brand has been active since the early days of climbing holds and has constantly worked to improve their style of hold. It was in Grenoble, for their own climbing gyms, that they began shaping the shapes and grips they needed. 30 years later, Espace is now a leading French brand of holds ranging from PU and PE to fiber and wood volumes. Their variety of shapes and grips is almost infinite, and they understand that diversity is the key. Today, they are developing ranges incorporating recycled materials and locally manufactured natural fibers.


Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to introduce you to different brands and holds.

Elio & Luca,

Passionate about in & out climbing, they are committed to bringing the best to the climbing world in Switzerland and beyond. Together, they have over a decade of experience in climbing gyms as backpackers, instructors, pizza makers and more. Today, monkeyboulderers wants to contribute to the success of the players in the field. Several carefully selected brands of holds, opening services in gyms of all sizes in Switzerland and elsewhere, good quality accessories at great prices, video content production to make you dream and much more.

“By launching monkeyboulderers we want to go further into the world of climbing, meet creative people and share their passions for shaping climbing holds.”

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