Climbing Wall Construction


We offer our services for the creation of climbing walls

Whether it’s for a bouldering room, a climbing wall, a gym or even an outdoor bouldering area, we can meet all your requirements.

Thanks to our association with Plastic Fantastic, which distributes Dreamwall in Switzerland, and our partnership with Anatomic wall, we can offer you two solutions for the same project.

The Bulgarian (DW) or Slovakian (AW) expertise, the metal or wooden structure and the different personal touches of these companies allow a multitude of possible choices for your quotations.

What’s more, you’ll have access to a shared catalog of over 45 different socket brands to dress up your future walls.

All this can be complemented by a block opening service for your inauguration.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about future quotations.

Our Partners


Anatomic can rely on their many years of activity on the climbing scene to keep pace with the world’s changing needs when designing and building future walls.
The company is cooperating with Techwood Ltd. to produce climbing walls using a new framing technology. Timber-frame construction is a fast, economical alternative. Anatomic is also focusing its efforts on renovating existing walls. Anatomic’s dedication to the sport, rigor and attention to customer needs make it a leader in the field.


Dreamwall, where expertise meets a passion for climbing. The company leads a highly experienced team specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of climbing walls. They understand what climbers really want: walls built with dedication and precision. All your future projects will see the light of day near Sofia, Bulgaria. Dreamwall are climbers who love to build climbing walls, it’s as simple as that.


Contact us and we’ll be happy to show you our solutions in more detail.