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Whether you’re looking for a bouldering room, a route, a gym or even an outdoor bouldering area, we can meet all your bouldering needs.

All this can be complemented by advice on our extensive catalog of hold brands, volumes and macros.

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Our Route Setters


To say that Elio is passionate about climbing and opening would be a huge understatement. Everything to do with climbing has fascinated him for 7 years now. Starting out almost immediately as an opener in his local climbing club, he was able to take his first steps as an opener at an early age. This enabled him to push his climbing and opening skills far and fast. Shortly afterwards, he was able to perfect his experience in a large commercial gym, where he learned to diversify. Meanwhile, he also discovered outdoor climbing, which became an obsession for him. Every weekend spent with his van in Ticino, on the boulders of Chironico or the Italian cliffs of Finale, allowed him to accumulate an infinite repertoire of moves. Although his heart will always be set on traditional rule-based bouldering, he loves exploring new styles such as coordination, balance and placement.




Climbing was introduced to Luca in a different way. It all began in a club in Geneva, where the atmosphere and context took precedence over the sporting activities among his friends. Gradually, the hours spent on the various sections became necessary to satisfy his enthusiasm. From then on, he worked in what was then a commercial gym. Meeting the Makita there was like love at first sight. As the years went by, he mastered different styles, adapted to the evolution of climbing and thus completed his range of movements and sequences. Outdoor climbing came into his life in the most beautiful way (with his favorite colleagues), rekindling his passion for climbing and allowing him to express himself fully on the rock. From then on, mixing outdoor climbing with open climbing, these qualities increased tenfold.
Following international competitions completed his vision of indoor climbing. The greatest coordinations no longer hold any secrets for him, becoming a mad scientist in his movement laboratory. All these experiences and connections have created a complete, motivated and rigorous person, combining a touch of madness with precision in opening boulders. These diverse creations always create a sense of pleasure for customers.




Once upon a time in a remote area, Samuel started climbing in the same climbing gym as Luca. He was immediately taken by the fun and puzzle side of climbing. It was a great way to let off steam and share moments with his various buddies. But the real discovery for him was the outdoor route. A new universe opened up to him, meters and meters of happiness attached to a rope on a cliff. At one with nature. As he so aptly puts it: “The mosquito bit me and passion took hold of me forever”. He thought he had explored most of the possibilities of climbing until the day his path crossed with the screwdriver. This encounter was followed by an unconditional love affair blending movement, technique, emotion, paddle, coordination, wedging and double dyno. His style has continued to evolve and perfect itself. He’s always on the lookout for a new move to expand his personal range. Curious, versatile, concise and a good listener, Samuel is what the Soft Impact is to the screwdriver, a significant added value that we all need in his team to achieve quality work.


Lead / Boulder


Discovering his passion for the mountains at an early age, Cyril started climbing as a teenager with his friends at the Alpine Club. For him, openness is the most beautiful of professions, and he affirms that “Openness is creating climbing, and creating climbing is sharing your passion”. A sport climber for decades now, he enjoys climbing big overhangs on boulders as much as setting up beautiful slabs on routes. His climbing experience has led him to an opening that is as demanding physically as it is technically. His versatility on both boulders and routes is clearly a huge asset, and we’re very proud to have him on our team.


Lead / Boulder


Victor started climbing late in his twenties. He was introduced to climbing through the mountains. Through mountaineering and skiing, he discovered the pleasure of moving on rock. Ultimately, it was bouldering that Victor set his sights on. Today, his passion and his work are inseparable. Having started out as an instructor in the gyms, he has always been enormously attracted to the open air. Today, as he puts it so well, “I can say that I live from my passion.


Lead / Boulder


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Elio & Luca,

Passionate about in & out climbing, they are committed to bringing the best to the climbing world in Switzerland and beyond. Together, they have over a decade of experience in climbing gyms as backpackers, instructors, pizza makers and more. Today, monkeyboulderers wants to contribute to the success of the players in the field. Several carefully selected brands of holds, opening services in gyms of all sizes in Switzerland and elsewhere, good quality accessories at great prices, video content production to make you dream and much more.

“By launching monkeyboulderers we want to go further into the world of climbing, meet creative people and share their passions for shaping climbing holds.”

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